Tyronn Lue sizes up series as Cavs close in on sweep

Ty Lue talks about what's at stake in Game 4 versus Pistons

AUBURN HILLS, MI (WOIO) - Tyronn Lue wants to repeat much of last year's playoff run, but there's obviously one issue he'd like to avoid this time around: injuries.

So, as the Cavaliers close in on another first-round sweep, Lue thinks back to what happened in Boston in 2015, as the Cavs closed the Celtics out in four games, and Kelly Olynyk took out Kevin Love with a shoulder injury, one that greatly affected the rest of the Cavs' run. This year it's the Pistons, who are getting more frustrated and more physical as the series goes along. Is Lue concerned that they could cross the line, too?

"I hope not," Lue said after the Cavs' film session at the team hotel on Saturday. "I think the referees are trying to do a good job, trying to clean the game up. The biggest thing for us is to keep our mental focus, keep our composure, not let it get out of hand, not let an incident happen like it did last year."

Lue was referring to the Love injury, but he was also referring to the way LeBron has handled being hit by Pistons center Andre Drummond, who nailed James with an elbow early in Game 3. James didn't retaliate, and Lue won't comment on it specifically. The Cavaliers prefer to take the high road and handle it by bouncing the Pistons out in four straight. I asked Lue how important the sweep would be, considering the days of rest that would follow.

"Just winning the series is important to me", Lue said. "I'm not gonna say a sweep, but we know coming into the game tomorrow that it's gonna be a hostile environment, it's gonna be even more hard than it was last night (Friday), and our team is up for the challenge."

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