LeBron not surprised that Drummond wasn't penalized

LeBron not surprised that Drummond wasn't penalized

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Andre Drummond delivered an elbow to LeBron James' neck in Game 3 on Friday night, but the NBA isn't hitting back, deciding not to penalize the Pistons center. Sunday morning at the Cavaliers' shootaround, James was asked if he's surprised the league office didn't act.

"Initially I was surprised and then I thought who he did it to and I wasn't", James said, referring to his belief that because of James' size, opponents get away with fouls. His head coach, Tyronn Lue, agrees.

"I think he's the Shaq of guards and forwards", Lue said. "I think he's the Shaq. He's so strong and so physical, when he goes to the basket guys are bouncing off of him. Those are still fouls but he doesn't get that call because he's so big and so strong and so physical."

Cleveland 19 Sports Director Tony Zarrella asked LeBron if it's tough not to retaliate, or at the very least lose focus, when he's the target of cheap shots.

"I can't ever lose focus", he told me. "It's just not who I am, it's not in the makeup of my game to lose focus on anything. I know what the main thing is, what the main objective is to each game, so it's not hard at all."

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