5 Things to Watch in Cavs-Pistons Game 4

5 Things to Watch in Cavs-Pistons Game 4


Now we're seeing the Big 3 that everyone, including the Cavaliers, expected when they teamed LeBron, Kyrie and Kevin Love together. The Cavs didn't get to experience this lineup past the first round a year ago (thank you, Kelly Olynyk), and Kyrie missing the start of this season led to a lack of chemistry during the regular season. But now, they've hit their rhythm. Kyrie has 79 points through three games. 

Hitting the Boards

Kyrie may be leading the way in scoring, but LeBron and Love are burying the Pistons as well. They each went for 20 points in Game 3, but more than that, combined for 25 rebounds, 7 fewer than the Pistons' total. And when they weren't hitting the boards, Tristan Thompson was, pulling down 8 of the Cavs' 12 offensive rebounds. Those lead to second chances, and more points, and the Pistons haven't been able to recover. 

Andre the Giant

Giant disappointment, that is. Drummond is the Pistons' best player, their big man who averaged 15 rebounds per game in the regular season. In Game 3 he pulled down 7. He insisted after the game that Tristan didn't dominate him, but the numbers say otherwise. And worse for the Pistons, as their head coach Stan Van Gundy pointed out after the game, they can't keep Drummond on the court in crunch time, because he's one of the worst free-throw shooters
in the NBA, and the Cavs will simply foul him. As Van Gundy said, "we can't go down the other end and get zero points". 

Coach 'em up

Van Gundy is one of the most respected coaches in the league, but in this series, Tyronn Lue has been stronger. Of course, Lue has much more to work with (as Van Gundy sarcastically pointed out after Game 2), but Ty has also been impressive in drawing up plays that beat the clock. They've now done it three times in this series, with the latest, Kyrie's "3" with .07 on the shot clock and only :43 left in game on Friday, sealing that win. 

Cleveland vs. Detroit

How about it!? Both the Cavaliers and Indians came into town and dished out some abuse to their Michigan rivals. The Tribe took the series at Comerica Park, and the Cavs go for the sweep at the Palace. They've now taken 12 straight from the Pistons in the playoffs. They won't need a Lucky 13 to extend the streak tonight.

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