Car hits 8-year-old girl, killing her

Car hits 8-year-old girl, killing her
Balloons are tied to the pole next to where an 8-year-old girl was killed. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - An eight-year-old girl was hit and killed by a car on Cleveland's east side over the weekend. At this point police said the driver has not been charged or cited, and it does not appear that he did anything wrong.

The crash happened at East 124th and Corlett Avenue in Cleveland.

Khadijah Abdullah of Cleveland was transported to University Hospital. She died Sunday.

About half a dozen balloons tied to a lamp post mark the place where Khadijah was hit, neighbors said the girl's uncle placed them there on Sunday.

"She got hit and she got knocked over back into the yard," said neighbor Ralph Redman Jr.

Redman said that Khadijah and her mom lived in the apartment with below his. He said that they were nice, quiet and kept to themselves.

He said that Khadijah and her mom were moving out of their apartment Saturday right before the accident.

"The reason the lady was moving, I did tell her it was a rough neighborhood not thinking that anything would happen in transition - but I pray for them," said Redman.

Police said the little girl entered the road in front of a parked car and attempted to cross the street at a non-crossing location when she was struck by a car going westbound on Corlett Avenue.

Another neighbor told Cleveland 19 that she heard the girl's mother scream.

"It's a tragedy that had to happen," said Redman. "I pray for them."

The 23-year-old driver stopped at the scene. He was not arrested or cited, and did not appear to be under the influence police said. Police said for now, the incident will "remain under review."

The accident investigating unit is following up.

Cleveland 19 was told that Khadijah was a student at the Northeast Ohio College Preparatory Academy, a part of the I Can schools. A representative said that there are grief counselors on hand to talk with students and staff.

"We are all so saddened by this tragedy. Our deepest and sincerest sympathies go out to [Kadijah's] family, friends and classmates," said Heather Stevens from I Can Schools.

Police said this tragedy is a sad reminder of how important it is, especially as the weather gets nicer, for parents to talk to their kids about crossing streets at crosswalks.

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