Local business owner wants to protect pregnant women from mosquitoes

Local business owner wants to protect pregnant women from mosquitoes

HARTVILLE, OH (WOIO) - A local business owner wants to help protect expecting mothers from the diseases spread by mosquitoes.

Blaine Miller owns Mosquito Authority in Hartville and he says the news of the Zika virus spreading  in Ohio struck a chord. His son is traveling to the Zika infected Caribbean for his honeymoon, and he began to worry about other women after thinking of his daughter-in-law.

"I just thinking about her getting pregnant and it made me think what can I do," said Miller.

Although Health officials say there's no need to worry in Northeast Ohio because the type of mosquito that carries the zika virus hasn't been found here, Miller says he wants to give expecting mothers peace of mind this summer by offering a free mosquito treatment for their homes.

"We come to your property we get rid of any standing water, we get rid of that and well go around your area and treat the places where mosquito harbor. The treatment lasts for about three weeks," said Miller.

There have been nine cases of Zika in Ohio according to health officials, and all of those cases involved people who traveled to Zika infected areas.

Doctors say the Zika virus causes fever, joint pain, and rashes in those effected, but it's most dangerous for pregnant women who need to take extra precaution.

Zika is linked to a birth defect called microcephaly that causes abnormally small heads, among other issues.

Doctors say pregnant women or women who want to become pregnant are advised to avoid traveling to Zika affected countries.

Miller says he wants to help expecting women avoid the other diseases mosquitoes can carry such as encephalitis and dengue.

Miller says one thing people don't realize is that mosquitoes tend to harbor in trees and bushes. He also recommends that people get rid off standing water and wear skin protection if they're in an area near a water.

Miller expecting mothers must live in the areas that his business service. For more information contact Mosquito Authority.

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