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NWS: Thunderstorm wind causes Brunswick Hills damage

Winds split trees in Brunswick Hills.  (Source: WOIO) Winds split trees in Brunswick Hills. (Source: WOIO)
Wind snapped trees. (Source: WOIO) Wind snapped trees. (Source: WOIO)
Some homeowners had damage to their homes. (Source: WOIO) Some homeowners had damage to their homes. (Source: WOIO)

Showers and storms swept through northeast Ohio overnight.

Many people woke up without power Tuesday.

The National Weather Service office in Cleveland classified the damage in Brunswick Hills as "thunderstorm wind damage." According to their chat service, "Damage is associated with the thunderstorms/gust front early this morning."

Homeowners reported trees down, patio furniture blown around and shingles ripped from rooftops in Brunswick Hills. Sirens went off around 3 a.m., waking up families. 

"You heard the wind picking up and picking up and then all at once everything started flying," homeowner said.

One family on Stonehurst Drive found his shutter five houses down. Dale Mileti's fence was literally blown to pieces. One of those pieces tore right through the siding on his house.

"Yeah, I can feel the insulation," Mileti said. 

"It sounded like a train rolling over the top of your house," Richard Cicic said. "The trees were literally parallel with the street, that much wind coming through here, the noise was deafening."

By daybreak, homeowners roamed the street, dragging back their basketball hoops, toys and furniture back home. 

Much of the stormy weather moved out of the area before sunrise. The scattered showers remained. 

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