Cleveland 19 gets answers for Lakewood neighbors concerns

Cleveland 19 gets answers for Lakewood neighbors concerns

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - The chainsaws were working overtime on Lewis Drive in Lakewood.

A giant oak tree send a massive section of it crashing into the back yard of Michelle Bowers last week, crushing a swing set, busting her roof joists, and flattening a neighbors air conditioning unit. Easily $100,000 damage.

The same tree d ropped another huge limb in 2011, crushing a garage, house and car in the other direction. $190,000 damage.

At the time neighbor Sandy Campbell complained, "It is acknowledged that the tree is a hazard however, there is no remedy."

She has worried about the tree for years. Insurance wouldn't pay for it to be taken down, the Bowers couldn't afford to do it, and the city of Lakewood wouldn't help.

Sandy came to Cleveland 19 for answers and got them.

We pointed out the dilemma and the danger, and Lakewood now cut the tree down.

It will get it's money back from a mechanics lien on the home when it is sold. The timing couldn't have been better.

With the storm that rolled through overnight the fact that large limbs were removed at the top removed not only the worry it would fall but the very real danger it would fall.

Sandy is breathing easier saying, "Now we don't have to worry about going in the back yard and having our neighbor kids playing basketball out there, we're finally relieved."

Donna says, "It covered 6 back yards, but this is the first time in 26 years that 6 back yards have found some sunlight."

The trunk of the tree remains, it is massive, but stable. The rotted section that caused the problem was where the tree was cut.

To it's credit, Lakewood found a creative way to correct the situation.

The bottom line, the danger was trucked away and neighbors are safe and happy.

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