Holistic products to help you sleep

Holistic products to help you sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, or staying asleep all night, you are certainly not alone. Almost half of the US population reports suffering from occasional insomnia, and 22 percent are reporting insomnia almost every single night, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

There are many suggestions out there, like avoiding caffeine before bed, and turning off electronic devices before hitting the hay. However, there are also many new holistic products on the market that have you wondering if they work.

Cindy Simmons is a mom who who has suffered with sleeping issues for years.

"When I first go to sleep, I have a hard time going to sleep and then, if anything disrupts my sleep in the middle of the night, I have a very hard time falling back to sleep," Simmons says.

Simmons participated in a sleep study, but it ruled out any medical issues causing her to lose sleep. A friend suggested holistic alternatives, and Simmons gave it a try.

"She recommended an essential oil called vektiver that I mix with coconut oil, and I rub on the bottom of my feet. It sounds like a lot of witch-doctory stuff, but it works," says Simmons.

Dorene Peterson, president of the American College of Healthcare Sciences, says lavender has been proven to have calming tendencies. Lavender and other scents are being used in various herbal beauty products.

"There are a number of wellness-based products that can assist with providing a healthier sleep," Peterson says.

Essential oils you can rub on your body, like this aromatic bedtime treatment from Tata Harper, is one example.  There are also aromatherapy sprays for your sheets, and dead seas salts you can can use for a soak in the tub,

There is even an herbal pillow to rest your head on, along with many new products popping up and promising to help you relax.

Supporters of these remedies did say that if they don't work after a few weeks, you should seek expert help.

Simmons is thankful she followed her friends advice, because without the oils, sleep is hard to find.

"My body is so tired I can't go to sleep....so frustrating," she said.

Peterson warns that you should watch what products you use, that some can have the opposite effect.

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