Students turn to professional coaching to land job or school

Students turn to professional coaching to land job or school
Coach helps students through the interview process. (Source: WOIO)

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - The stress is real this time of year for high school seniors trying to get into their school of choice and for college grads who are trying to land that first job.

That stress comes, in a lot of cases, from maneuvering through the interview process. Leslie Ungar of Electric Impulse Communications feels she can help young people, through coaching and manage the interview process with less stress.

Ungar believes preparation is the key to the successful interview, "So how are you going to stand out as someone who can add value to that company or team."

For 18 years Ungar has, as just part of her firm's business, coached young people on how to handle and interview with poise and confidence, "You have to be able to identify why you're the best fit and you have to be able to talk about it easily."
Ria Vij is a senior at Copley High School, and she went to Electric Impulse for help at the end of last year, "I knew that I was sort of shy and timid. I just knew communicating was something I was lacking."

Ria was facing an interview for one of just 6 spots in a prestigious 7 year dental program at the University of the Sciences and Temple University.

After several sessions with Ungar, Ria felt she was ready for the interview portion of the selection process.

"I knew that I was ready, I guess I could say I knew I could walk into that interview and I had everything she taught me in the back of my head," Riv said, adding that they had identified and worked on 13 specific keys for her interview.

That coaching paid off and Ria was accepted in the program. Ungar's broad advice for young people facing an interview is "Your enthusiasm, your passion, your energy for this, that's the value you bring."

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