Police: Man chases 2 girls walking home from Parma school

Police: Man chases 2 girls walking home from Parma school

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - Parma police have increased their presence around John Muir Elementary School after two girls reported two men trying to get them into a van.

"I never thought anything of it until they come home Monday and it was like they were crying and they said mom the guy almost got me," said the Parma mom of the two girls, ages 12 and 13. She didn't what to be identified, saying that she was concerned for Jr, and her girls' safety, after the Monday night incident.

It allegedly happened at about 8 p.m. on Monday. According to the girls' mom and a police report, the two girls were walking home from a park near the elementary school, when two men in a white van with no windows in the back and a rust spot on the front right, allegedly came up to the girls and asked if they wanted a ride.

"He said, 'you guys want a ride home?' And they said 'no' and my daughter said the guy got out of the van and started chasing them," the mom told police on a frantic 911 call.

The mom told Cleveland 19 that the pair ran away from the man and, "my oldest daughter picked up her younger sister and carried her and was running with her."

Parma police have increased patrols around the school as a result of the incident, Cleveland 19 saw a patrol car near the school for that reason on Thursday afternoon. Parma police are investigating the incident as a possible case of criminal child enticement.

And the mom told Cleveland 19 she won't let her girls go anywhere alone again for a very long time.

"If they don't have a ride and they want to go somewhere with a friend [I won't let them] because I don't want to take a chance of losing my children," said the mom. "Your kids aren't safe anywhere, it doesn't just have to be Parma you can be in a 'Richie rich' neighborhood and predators can come in, it doesn't stop them."

The girls did not see the license plate, and did not have a description of the two men in the van. They said they last saw the van heading towards Brook Park.

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