New 'epipen-like' device can save life of heroin overdose patient

New 'epipen-like' device can save life of heroin overdose patient

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A new device is becoming available in Northeast Ohio that can save the life of someone suffering from an opioid overdose.

Doctors that have been introduced to Evzio say it appears to work much like an epipen. Once you open the device, a voice talks you through the simple process of using it.

The voice says, "place black end against outer thigh. Press firmly and hold in place for five seconds."

A needle pops out of the device and penetrates the patient's leg muscle, delivering a lifesaving dose of naloxone. Then the voice counts down from five.

The needle should be able to penetrate the patient's clothes.

Evzio comes with two life-saving devices, plus a training device that can be used for practice.

Dr. Edmundo Mandac, an emergency room doctor at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, was just introduced to Evzio. He says he's seen more overdoses recently than he's seen in his over three decades of practicing medicine.

"I know we have different devices available. One of them would be a nasal spray, which is very helpful, but a device like this might be just as helpful. The more devices, the better," said Mandac.

Evzio is recommended for anyone on a pain management regime or for those who have someone in their home with an opioid addiction.

The device is covered by some insurance plans.

According to a pharmacist at University Hospitals, because Evzio is a new product, a prescription may be required but they should check with their local pharmacy."

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