High levels of lead found in 2 Beachwood schools

High levels of lead found in 2 Beachwood schools
Schools report high levels of lead. (Source: WOIO)
Schools report high levels of lead. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Two school water fountains showed lead levels higher than the safe threshold in Beachwood.

A letter went home to parents of students at Bryden Elementary School and Fairmount Preschool.

One water fountain at Bryden Elementary School and one water fountain at Fairmount Preschool showed the high lead levels.

Both water fountains were shut down, said school officials. Supplies of bottled drinking were delivered to Bryden and Fairmount.

"The issue is specifically with those water fountains. What that issue is, we don't know at this time which is why we'll conduct further testing to and again, work with the board of health to identify and remediate the issue," said Superintendent of Beachwood City Schools, Robert Hardis.

Nationwide, schools all over are taking a closer look after the Flint Water Crisis but Hardis says parents don't need to worry.

"To the extent of our knowledge, no one has become sick from this water. It is highly unlikely that they would have," he said.

They are having all of the water fountains and sinks tested this weekend.

Results typically take about two weeks to return.  Until then, bottled water will be provided for the staff and students.

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