Gazebo where Tamir Rice was killed will be demolished

Gazebo where Tamir Rice was killed will be demolished

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The gazebo at the Cudell Rec Center is probably the most famous shelter in America.

It's were 12-year-old Tamir Rice was gunned down by a Cleveland Police officer who ended up not being charged.

Some who live in the neighborhood believe the city needs to leave it alone and not change a thing.

"It's something to set when it's hot in the summer and it just messes up the whole park for real cause it's been here forever," Rick Thompson said.

Cleveland 19 News investigative reporter Scott Taylor broke the city's plans to tear down the gazebo on Twitter.

City officials finally agreed with Tamir's mother's wishes. It will be torn down.

The informal agreement comes shortly after Samaria Rice's civil lawsuit against the city was settled for $6 million.

Some want it to stay.

Nancy Masewski, who we met in the parking lot of Cudell Rec, says "I believe there is enough children that come to this faculty and enough families that it should stay up. It could be put to good use. I don't understand why it would be torn down."

Samaria Rice first asked for it to be demolished last year.

"I would like to get it torn down, I'm hoping that the city will allow for me to tear it down and re-do the park area," she said last September.

Cleveland 19 wants to know: With the $6 million settlement with the city and now the demolition of the gazebo, will the Rice family now be able to move on?

"It was a perversion of the criminal justice process, so I think it's very hard for the family to feel they really received justice, but nevertheless some pieces of the process are complete, including the gazebo, and I hope it can help them to move forward but it's going to be very hard though," Subodh Chandra of the Chandra Law Firm, which represents the Tamir Rice Family, told us.

The city, through donations will build a memorial for Tamir designed by his family.

Kittrina Boyden lives here and said that makes her happy, adding "if they take it down and replace it with a memorial that would be beautiful."

Cleveland 19 expects the demolition of the gazebo to take place in the next few days.

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