Police search for big dog that mauled Chihuahua

Police search for big dog that mauled Chihuahua
Small dog attacked in Twinsburg. (Source: WOIO)
Dog park where dog was attacked. (Source: WOIO)
Dog park where dog was attacked. (Source: WOIO)

Twinsburg police are searching for the big dog that mauled Chihuahua.

Little Buttons is a different dog than the playful pooch he was.

"He use to be very playful, cheerful, now he's just in a daze, out of it," said Selina Torres.
Torres who is one of Buttons owners says the four-year-old Chihuahua's personality changed this past Wednesday. That's when he was attacked by a bigger dog at the Twinsburg Dog Park. 

"That dog was so big, he was like a rottweiler mix.  His face was like a rottweiler but he was lighter brown," said Torres.

The dog park has separate areas for small and big dogs but Buttons owners say somehow the a big dog got through to the small dog area.

"The dog somehow wiggled through the gate, he knocked me over and grabbed Buttons," said Torres.

Torres and her mom said there was little they could do to stop the bigger dog.

"He shook Buttons like he was a stuffed animal," said Torres.

Buttons was left with quite a wound for veterinarians to try and fix.

"They said they had to do major surgery because his intestines were ripped and tethered," said Torres.

The big dog and it's owner vanished.  Twinsburg Police are searching for them.

"If I could see that lady in person, I would just tell her be responsible with your dog. Stand up for what is right. Don't bring your dog to places where you know he's going to hurt people and hurt dogs," said Torres.

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