Aurora Police arrest man who attacked teen, officer

Aurora Police arrest man who attacked teen, officer
Aurora Police Detective Dan Kalk speaks Sunday. (Source: WOIO)

AURORA, OH (WOIO) - Police arrested 26-year-old Brandon Bayless today after they say he assaulted a teen who lived nearby and then took out his rage on Aurora Police.

Police said it all started with a cry for help after a teen visiting the home on East Blvd said Bayless hit him in the head with a glass mug.

Neighbors called for police, but when the three officers arrived, Aurora Police Detective Dan Kalk said the situation intensified.

"The suspect's mother said 'he's in bedroom, I believe he might be a suicidal,'" Kalk said. "The officers moved into try to make sure he didn't harm himself and as they were moving into the house he came out of the bedroom with A tire iron smashed the officer in the head with it."

Kalk says the officer hit in the head fired off four shots and all missed Bayless, while a pitbull followed up with an attack.

A second officer tased Bayless and they were able to arrest him.

"No one was injured, except for the officer who got hit in the head," said Kalk.

Police say they've responded to at least three other minor incidents at the house this year.

David Chapo says he's a friend of Bayless and his mother.

"He has an anger problem. He just came home from Florida," said Chapo.

Neighbors say they've also seen issues at the home before but nothing as violent as they've seen today.

"That is a very serious offense and that's really deadly force and the police officer responded in order to save his life," said Kalk.

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