On The Mark: Browns draft? Dig it.

On The Mark: Browns draft? Dig it.

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - I don't know if the Browns 14-player mega haul of players from the draft will work out, but I do know you can't say they didn't try.

You draft 14 new players after seeing a mass exodus in free agency and you are well on your way to a major makeover. I loved the fact that they drafted five receivers. I know DeValve will be made a tight end; I don't care, it's still five new pass-catchers.

Their receiving corps has been a bunch of short guys, a bunch of guys that d rop passes and one knucklehead that keeps getting suspended for smoking weed and drinking. How do you fix that? Draft five guys. Two or three of them are bound to work out, especially when one of them was Corey Coleman.

I know fans have complained about Cody Kessler over Cardale Jones or Connor Cook, I'm not going to yet. Do you really know if they're wrong? No, you just knew who Jones and Cook were, so it's natural to want to draft them instead. Maybe they will be better, but we don't really know.

I think it was good for Jones to not get drafted here. As soon as the Browns had quarterback problems, which usually start before they're out of the preseason, the fan/media crush would've been on for him to play (and rescue) his hometown team. He will not be NFL-ready for a while, and you can't have that going on in his rookie season.

Personally, I wanted them to get a starting right tackle and guys that can catch passes. If Shon Coleman wins the right tackle job, they'll have done it. We might be back in this position next year, talking about another draft where they made double-digit picks (they'll have gobs of compensatory picks), so get used to this.

Talk about a rebuild. 14 players this year. Maybe 10-12 more next year. I don't know if they'll be good, but I know they'll be new. That's a start.

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