Cavs game day technology puts fans in the game

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - You may look like a superhero entering Quicken Loans Arena tonight for game one of round two for the NBA playoffs. They'rewristbands made in Montreal, Canada that pulsate to music and change colors.

Monday night 20,562 of the bracelets made by PixMob will be handed out to fans, making them apart of the game day experience.

"People were trying to figure out how to work them, but there's not a thing you can do," said Tracey Marek, Senior Vice President of Marketing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. "There are antennas throughout the entire building that does it for you."

One of the PixMob creators Jean-Olivier Dalphond says the bracelets enhance the experience during the game, this will be the third the Cavs have used them

"It's magical, you can feel it and then boom it lights up," said Jean-Olivier Dalphond.

It's not cheap for the fans to have this experience during the game, Dalphond wouldn't come off the price for the technology. Dalphond did say game one of round two will come with a few tricks up the creators sleeves.

"We like surprises so you will have to go to the game to see it."

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