18-year-old, big goals and dreams

18-year-old, big goals and dreams
Teen wants to be a Firefighter II Paramedic. (Source: WOIO)
Teen wants to be a Firefighter II Paramedic. (Source: WOIO)
Teen wants to be a Firefighter II Paramedic. (Source: WOIO)
Teen wants to be a Firefighter II Paramedic. (Source: WOIO)

CHAGRIN FALLS, OH (WOIO) - He is barely old enough to vote!

But at just 18-years-old, one local firefighter is putting his life on the line to save the lives of others.

"My goal is to be a Firefighter II Paramedic by the time I'm 20," said Morgan Sanshuck.

Based off his track record, he's not too far off.

The teen is the Assistant Chief  and Director of Operations for the Chagrin Valley REACT/CERT team---a non-profit group of volunteers who protect and serve the community. Volunteer firefighter, traffic patrol, EMS calls, you name it, he does it.

Sanshuck joined the team when he was still in high school and now he's a leader.

"Making sure all the guys are there, making sure the uniforms look good, making sure I have manpower available for whatever, whether there's a call or a planned event, whether there's an emergency response," he said, listing a few of his job duties.

He says every day is different and he loves it. Both his parents are retired firefighter. He says that's where it comes from.  His co-workers keep him grounded.

"They keep me back in my place. They make sure I do a good job of that. They're my brothers and my family, make sure we got each other's back all the time," he said.

He's inspiring those who want to be just like him.

"When I met him, we immediately began talking and I heard everything that he's training for, everything he's learned, everything he's seen, everything's he's done and it's all led me to want to do the same stuff," said 17 year-old Zach Bernstein.

Sanshuck says he's a bit of a work-a-holic and he has some words of wisdom that anyone at any age can follow.

"Don't be scared to get involved. It's a great thing to do and there's no better feeling than helping somebody, in their time of need," he said.

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