What is it like to tower 700 feet above Cleveland?

What is it like to tower 700 feet above Cleveland?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It all started with an email from one of our segment producers here at Cleveland 19.

I would be one of the anchors doing Cleveland's Odd Jobs. No sweat, no problem, and as always I was all in.

I must be honest I read the first few lines of the email and responded sure.

I didn't see that I would be scaling Terminal Tower, until days later.

That's 708 feet high by the way. I heard that number but it didn't mean anything to me. Seven-hundred eight feet didn't create fear or curiosity, I just wanted to see the insides of the tower that I talk about on a daily basis on-air during the morning show.

We take live bumps of Terminal Tower Monday-Friday, it's always lit up for a great cause in our community.

So no, I didn't hesitate and I wasn't worried. l got there and realized that with no harness, no safety gear, just me; I'd be on a tiny platform on a breezy day. Looking back was it crazy? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes. A once and a lifetime opportunity to be the first TV crew to change the U.S. flag on top of Terminal Tower, priceless.

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