4 need to know Zika virus facts

4 need to know Zika virus facts

Cleveland 19 News reporter Sara Goldenberg spoke with Dr. Frank Esper,  a pediatric infectious disease specialist with University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital.

1. Zika virus can spread through sex. Men carrying the virus can carry it in their semen and pass it along to women through sex. It's unknown exactly how long the virus can stay in their semen, but right now it's believed to be about six months.

2. If you're trying to get pregnant now, this is good to know:  Scientists have confirmed pregnant women who catch Zika could be at high risk for having babies born with microcephaly. As long as the virus passes out of your body before you become pregnant, doctors say you should be fine.

3. Is Northeast Ohio prepared for the Zika virus? An action plan is already in place with the Ohio Department of Health. Local hospitals have a list of tests they need to run if the Zika virus is suspected in a patient. The Ohio Department of Health is ready to receive samples to confirm any possible cases.

4. Other mosquito borne viruses could be a bigger concern. 

For more on Zika in Northeast Ohio watch Cleveland 19 News Special Report on the Zika Zone 11pm  Wednesday May 4 2016