Cleveland natives' new Captain America movie to hit theaters

Cleveland natives' new Captain America movie to hit theaters

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - "We always thought about this movie as a family fight."

That's how co-producer/director of "Captain America: Civil War" described the new movie set to hit theaters this week.

"You don't know if these relationships can ever be repaired," Anthony Russo said. "That's really the stakes we're dealing within this movie."

Cleveland 19 is getting answers from Anthony Russo about "Captain America: Civil War," a movie two years in the making.

"This is the movie where the family gets split into two, and basically the two patriarchs -- Captain American and Iron Man -- get into a conflict with one another and all the family has to line up on one side or the other," Russo explained. "That has always been the heart of the movie for us."

Looks like Anthony and Joe Russo of Cleveland have another blockbuster on their hands.

"We have a sequence, sort of a big centerpiece in the movie that is set at an airport where all the super heroes fight each other," Anthony Russo said.

By the way, Thor and Hulk are not in this movie, but Spider Man is.

"It's a Captain America's movie," Anthony Russo said. "So, we always default to his point of view to guide us through, to push us through the movie."

Would the movie makers consider opening a superhero-themed restaurant in Cleveland?

"We love food and we love Cleveland so it could be in the cards," Anthony Russo said.

The movie comes out in Cleveland and nationwide on May 6.

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