Tiger Passage opens next month at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Tiger Passage opens next month at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Lions, and tigers and bears, oh my!

OK, we're not talking about lions and bears. But we are talking about a new tiger passage at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

The tigers here are getting a new home.

"The exhibit that the cats were in before was built in the 1960s, so it's time for an update," said Dr. Chris Kuhar, executive director.

The zoo broke ground last fall on a new exhibit that will allow the tigers to roam more freely but give visitors a closer look. It's five times bigger than the old space and there's now room for guests. They're calling it Tiger Passage.

"There's a lot of increased complexity, a lot of opportunities for the cats to climb, move around in the space like never before, a lot of great exercise, enhanced water features and then for the guest it's a much better guest experience, they'll be able to get closer to the cats than ever before," Dr. Kuhar said.

The new passage will also allow the tigers to climb. Construction workers are putting in trees that resemble their natural habitat.

Visitors say they're can't wait.

"It's definitely great that they're expanding, it's good to see growth, especially with times with being hard with some zoos going out," said Kelly Thompson.

The new exhibit will open June 3. Dr. Kuhar says there's enough room now to bring in some new tigers to breed and expand the family.

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