John Kasich: Out of the race

John Kasich drops out of presidential race

COLUMBUS, OH (WOIO) - All total, the run for president for John Kasich lasted just more than nine months. He made his announcement in Columbus July 21 of last year, but today it came to an end. He suspended his campaign and he did it with a pretty spiritual speech.

"Throughout my campaign I have said the Lord may have another purpose for me," said a reflective Ohio governor.

Kasich stayed in the race for president longer than some expected.

"We never had the money we wished we did. I think we were out spent 50 to 1," he estimated.

Kasich's only hope was for a contested convention, to then stand in front of delegates and point out he's the only one in the polls that beats Hillary Clinton. In the speech to suspend his campaign he did what we've come to expect. He told stories about the people he'd met while campaigning and the impact it's had on him.

"Last night in Cleveland a woman, an African American woman, said you made promises and kept them and that's why I'm here tonight because I believe in you," he said.

With about 200 supporters in the room there was only one moment when Kasich got choked up. And it was while talking about all the Ohio state lawmakers that came out and knocked on doors to campaign for him.

"Frankly I was so humbled by the fact that they came and that they loved me. They encouraged me."

So what's next for the governor? Well that's just it, he is still governor for two more years until 2018. But after that he will have to find something else to do. Ohio has a two consecutive term limit for governors.

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