Mark Schwab's thoughts on Game 2 vs. Atlanta

Final thoughts from Cavs' Game 2 win over Hawks

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - My thoughts?


No really, what do I think of that game? You know that emoji that's laughing so hard he's crying? Yes. That. That guy. That's me.

Good grief, Atlanta, that was an awesome intramural team you threw out there for Wednesday night. Really. Tremendous effort. And James Jones, what is your problem? How dare you shoot a three and not make one? Jones was the only guy on the team that launched a trifecta and did not convert. Mozgov and Thompson didn't bother shooting one, but the way that game went, they probably should have considered it.

What a night. It's funny how sometimes in sports after a game you want to talk about this reason or that reason a team won. Boy, they blew that opportunity, or, why in the world did the coach do that? Then there are times you just point at the screen and laugh.

I am sure the Hawks feel embarrassed and will make a last stand in their building on Friday night. I'm sure they'll play better and might even make a game of it. That will never remove the fact that they gave up more threes in one game than any NBA team in history and at one point trailed by 41 points.

No analysis needed. No in-depth discussion of this game is required. Just play the tape and laugh. We don't get many like Game 2 in Cleveland; enjoy it when you see it.

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