New study says hair extensions and braids linked to baldness

New study says hair extensions and braids linked to baldness

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Thursday evening at Salon Lofts Beachwood: a place where women catch up on things.

Even maybe do a little gossiping and, oh yeah, get their hair done.

"I'm doing right now what's called a seamless sew in," said stylist Rachael Distler.

Distler of Sheer Beauty has been doing all types of hair, including Caucasian and African American, for more than seven years.

She says it's all about taking care of your locks.

Distler tells us she's not surprised by a new study by Johns Hopkins Medicine that links certain scalp pulling styles like hair braids and extensions to balding and traction alopecia, which is responsible for hair loss in one-third of African American women.

"If you braid these super tight and then you're sewing super tight and pulling, it's just tension on tension and that's where you get hair loss and balding," said Distler.

Kelly Brown is aware of the potential problems hair extensions can pose.

"I'm very picky on who does my hair and when. So you take breaks. So I'll have it in for a couple months and a year or so I won't have another one in," said Kim Brown.

So whether it's hair extensions or your own hair, Distler says do your homework by choosing the right stylist.

"Just make sure you're going to the right stylist who listens to you and appreciates you," explained Distler.

Distler says she has clients with hair extensions whose real hair has actually grown. She points out that it's really important to get a regular trim and use the proper hair products.

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