Parma: Eggs hatch after dove nests on police cruiser

Dove's eggs, laid on Parma Police car, hatch

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - Parma Police have had an unusual visitor after a dove made a nest and laid eggs on a police cruiser.

Parma patrolman Kevin Stasik says the officers take turns checking on the dove that made the hood of the police car her home.

"She showed up a few weeks ago and we noticed a nest on the hood of the cruiser. Somebody named her Gerty," Stasik said.

When officers saw the mama dove, "protect and serve" took on a new meaning.

"We put the initial crime scene tape around so no one would move the cruiser," Stasik said.

Officers also put traffic barrels, taped an umbrella to block the sun, and left Gerty with a little water -- and they're not the only ones looking out for her.

"The other dove is up there on an electrical pole keeping watch and she lets us get really close," said Stasik.

Two nights ago, Gerty's eggs hatched, but the officers say they're hard to see because Gerty never moves.

"She's always there -- she never left. She's a good mother," he said.

They're not sure when she plans to leave, but they say she has a home here until she does.

"I don't know what we're going to charge for went, but we'll send her a bill for later on," said Stasik.

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