Tony Z's Cavs-Hawks Game 3 halftime thoughts

Tony Z's Cavs-Hawks Game 3 halftime thoughts
  • Nobody expected the Cavs to follow their Game 2 record-breaking 3-point barrage by hitting for 25 more in Game 3, but after one quarter, they were on pace to do exactly that, burying 6 3s in the opening quarter. They followed with 3 more in the second quarter.
  • Once again, Tyronn Lue is pushing all the right buttons. After the Hawks jumped out to an 8-3 early lead, Lue called timeout, after which the Cavaliers went on a 17-5 run. But the Hawks closed the first half with a 20-5 run, and an eight-point lead. It'll be interesting to see how the Cavaliers respond to start the second half.
  • Everyone wondered how physical this game would be, and if there'd be cheap shots on the heels of Charles Barkley saying the Hawks have to "take someone out." Well, it's physical. Thabo Sefolosha went down hard on his back with 4:00 left in the first quarter and had to be treated in the locker room. Tim Hardaway, Jr. also took a shot, colliding with Richard Jefferson, and Paul Millsap was shaken up after colliding with Jefferson. It's been physical, and the Hawks are getting the worst of it.
  • Kevin Love handled the early scoring for the Big 3, rattling off the first 13 points for the Cavaliers. In fact, Kyrie didn't score until midway through the second quarter, when he stole the ball and went solo on a fast break.
  • Kyle Korver was benched in favor of Sefolosha, but he came off the bench to finally find his shot, knocking down four 3s in the first half. Overall, the Hawks drained 10 treys.

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