Test The Dress: Consumers duped by online retailers

Test The Dress: Consumers duped by online retailers
Cleveland 19 test's the dress. (Source: WOIO)
Cleveland 19 test's the dress. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - They pop-up online on sites like Facebook.

What appears to be high-end fashion, dresses advertised at whole sale prices, too good to be true.

I set out to test the dress.

In total I ordered two dresses one from SammyDress.com and another Zaful.com, for a total of $38.21.
While the dresses were in transport from China, I contacted Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine immediately he sat down with me to discuss the legitimacy of these websites.

"They put up a beautiful picture of a dress and they come up with a very low price and you think that's a very good deal," said Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. "Sometimes you never get the dress."

A public records request revealed some of the complaints filed with the Ohio State Attorney General against SammyDress.com.

In early 2015 a woman in Ohio spent $23.69 and never received the products she ordered. This is what she wrote to the Ohio Attorney General: "It was explained that the delivery up to 30 days. It has been about 110 days. I did e-mail them 4 times. Twice they replied, "Give them 7 more days…"

Then on February 28, 2015, another complaint was filed. This time an Ohio woman spent $17.46 for merchandise from SammyDress.com.

"Online it shows the item as still processing. The consumer has contacted the supplier by phone but the phone line says it is busy. The consumer has never received a call back."

In addition to those complaints, I found more with the Better Business Bureau, several complaints filed in Ohio and hundreds across the country with Sammy Dress. Just a handful of complaints were filed against Zaful. Both vendors received a grade of F from the BBB.

After nine days I received the dress from Zaful and it took 10 days for the dress from SammyDress.com to show up. Neither dress came with a return label, nor did they look anything like their photos listed on the websites.

Sadly, we tried to call both SammyDress.com and Zaful with no resolve.

What was uncovered from this, if you buy from these websites it's truly buyers beware.

"The sad truth is that many of these con-artist we can't locate, we can't get at them," said Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. "The best thing we can do is warn people about them and encourage people not to buy from Sammy Dress."

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