Angie's Garden springs in time for the RNC

Angie's Garden springs in time for the RNC

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Judging from the weather we've been having here in northeast Ohio it's hard to tell exactly what season we're in.

But go to the roof of Rainbows Babies and Children's Hospital and spring has definitely sprung. It's called Angie's Garden and it honors a little
girl who passed due to cancer.

It's a healing place now, filled with pretty flowers and other soothing plants for people in need of serenity in as otherwise busy and stressful world.

Horticulturist Kristina Arthur over at Rainbows Children's says Angie garden is a special place.

"This space is for everybody to enjoy, patients, family, staff comes up here enjoys.  It gets you out of the clinical environment.  It gets you to remember there are seasons that life is going on around you too," said Arthur.

Angie's Garden is being benefited by the RNC coming to town.

"The RNC what they're doing is great, beautiful donation.  The credit unions, Real Clear Politics and the RNC are doing "leave behind projects."  They're doing this in whatever city they're having a convention."

So, if you're ever at University Hospital's Rainbows take a trip to the roof and enjoy the calm and beauty of nature, high in the sky.

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