Sunny Spot Bar, staying open or close?

Sunny Spot Bar, staying open or close?

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - It was the scene of a murder in Cleveland Heights almost a week ago. Now its the subject of a hearing; should the Sunny Spot Bar stay open or close?

One-by-one witnesses filed into the Justice Center to take the stand.

Each one testifying as to whether or not the Sunny Spot Bar should be shuttered for good.

"If Mr. Alexander and his clients want to talk about permanent closure we'd be happy to listen as to how that may be accomplished. But, we're not interested in restricted hours or additional security our client wants the place closed," said a prosecutor.

The place the attorney for Cleveland Heights is taking about is the Sunny Spot Bar on Noble Road outside of which a man was shot and killed last week.

Stephen Johnson was charged with aggravated murder in the shooting. Antonio Longino was cited for tampering with evidence involving the shooting.

The bar's attorney is opposed to the having the bar of 30 years closed for good.

"They've always wanted it closed so that's nothing new.  No, we're not willing to talk about closing," said the attorney.

The city of Cleveland Heights wants a temporary restraining order tuned in a permanent injunction. Police have been called to the Sunny Spot Bar more than 90 times since it reopened after renovation in 2013.

The attorneys for the Sunny Spot Bar cross examined a police officer who responded to another shooting outside the bar.

They were attempting to show that people working for the bar helped the officer arrest one suspect who ran back into the bar.

Cleveland 19 will keep asking questions and getting answers until the judge decides if the Sunny Spot will stay open or close.

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