9 fired at CLE Water Dept. over water meter rigging

9 fired at CLE Water Dept. over water meter rigging

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Nine people have been fired from Cleveland Water Department for rigging their water meters at home.

How deep does the scandal go in the city of Cleveland?

Cleveland 19 News learned more city workers could soon be on the chopping block for tampering with their water meters at home.

Several are already knee deep in administrative hearings that could end up with the loss of their jobs.

We broke this story in March and at that time only four workers had been terminated. Now it's grown to nine.

Reporter Scott Taylor asked for names of the workers fired, their employee files and how much water are they accused of taking and not paying for at their homes.

We made those requests more than a month ago and so far the city hasn't turned over a single document.

The did send over this statement:

At Cleveland Water, we take the trust of our customers seriously and work hard to make sure we meet their expectations on a daily basis. To meet these expectations, we hold our employees to the highest standard of accountability. Unfortunately, some of our employees have failed to meet these standards.

Meter tampering is theft and is a serious violation of the public's trust. After completing our due diligence and affording these individuals the due process they are entitled to under City policy, we have taken appropriate action and terminated these employees. To date, nine employees have been terminated. We do have additional employees in the administrative process, and if, after receiving due process, they are found to have been involved with meter tampering or theft, they will be terminated.

Cleveland Water remains committed to protecting the trust of the public, and will continue to thoroughly investigate and review all possible theft or tampering cases. As a part of our on-going internal analysis, we are continuing to look at the water accounts for all of our employees. If we find additional instances of meter tampering or theft beyond those already in the administrative process, we will take the appropriate action.

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