Z Files: Can't argue with Curry, but don't forget LeBron

Z Files: Can't argue with Curry, but don't forget LeBron

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The question isn't whether Steph Curry was worthy of his second straight NBA Most Valuable Player award on Tuesday. It isn't even whether Curry deserved to be the first unanimous winner in league history. If I had a vote, I'd have given it to the Warriors guard. I'm not one of those media members who automatically sides with a player I'm covering, or believes nothing should be unanimous (Babe Ruth received only 95 percent of the Baseball Hall of Fame vote back in 1936...figure that one out).

No, the question is, how did LeBron receive nine fifth-place votes? True, he still finished third (behind Curry and Kawhi Leonard), LeBron's ninth top-three finish in the MVP voting, which is second only to Michael Jordan (10). And James has won the award four times himself, twice going back-to-back. But there are really nine voters out there who believe there are four players in the NBA better than LeBron James? That's where these polls become ridiculous.

Curry's the best player in the NBA right now. Right now. LeBron's the second-best player in the NBA right now, his value to his team arguably even greater than Curry's to his. That said, Curry had a historic season, on many levels, and as we witnessed once again on Monday night, when Curry poured in 17 of the Warriors' final 19 points in the Game 4 win over Portland (after the votes were in, we should note), he is something special.

So special, his performance reminded me of another epic one-man show in the NBA playoffs. LeBron, back in 2007, who threw down 48 in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals against Detroit, including the final 25 points for the Cavaliers, and 29 of their last 30, with 18 coming in the overtimes. LeBron's performance was even greater than Curry's, but right now, the MVP award belongs to Curry. We'll see if LeBron's holding a different, more important trophy, in about six weeks.

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