Councilmen tour intake plant to learn about toxic sediment in Lake Erie

Councilmen tour intake plant to learn about toxic sediment in Lake Erie

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Lake Erie is one of five Great Lakes. They make up the largest body of fresh water in the world. So, it's understandable for folks to be concerned when miles of toxic sediment threatens to pollute our drinking water.

Ward 10 councilman Jeff Johnson was among council members wanting to know more about the 2-3 mile toxic blob sitting on the bottom of Lake Erie near the Nottingham Intake.

"It's hard not to be concerned," he said.

Johnson's ward sits right on the waterfront. He was among those taking a tour of the Nottingham Intake plant today.

He wanted a better idea of the threat and risks posed by the toxic sediment sitting on the bottom of the lake. Johnson says this may not be Flint, Michigan, but the PCB's and PAH's in the sludge in our lake are very concerning.

"This not a lead issue, but it's our job to make sure the water our customers use is safe," he said.

The informational session at the plant offered those worried a better understanding of the potential dangerous situation.

Terrell Pruitt, councilman of Ward 1 in Cleveland called for the session to update everyone.

"We've invested over $700 million in these facilities," Pruitt said. "We want to make sure that whatever problem comes up that we can handle these types of problems."

"We cannot have any more dumping into the lake," Councilman Mike Polensek said. "It's insane to have the Army Corp of Engineers continue to suggest that dredged materials from the Cuyahoga River be dumped in the lake  We have to protect Lake Erie."

There's no way known at this time to stop the slow but steady migration of the toxic sediment from getting into our water supply. Cleveland will add more of the chemical Alum to the water if and when the sediment gets to the Nottingham Intake located about five miles off shore.

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