Dominic Mancuso Editorial: The legacy of the Kasich candidacy

Dominic Mancuso Editorial: The legacy of the Kasich candidacy

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - You may have heard -- Ohio is getting its governor back. John Kasich is coming home after suspending his ill-conceived and underfunded campaign for president.

Those months on the campaign trail cost Kasich political currency and taxpayers a bundle of money. During his absence, the popular Ohio governor's approval ratings plummeted and you and I will likely get stuck with the bill for his campaign security costs, estimated at over $400,000.

Was it all worth it? His worst critics admit that the son of a Pennsylvania mailman put on a respectable show, serving as a moderate while the other candidates treated the campaign like a verbal bar room brawl.

After winning Ohio's primary, the Kasich campaign never caught fire and the governor's folksy, moderate approach failed to inspire voters. Kasich did outlast 15 other candidates but only through personal obstinance and certainly not voter support. But even the stubborn candidate realized that he had about as much chance of getting the nomination as the Browns have of winning next year's Super Bowl. He finally got out of the way of the runaway Trump campaign train last week.

Who knows what the future holds for Kasich. Rumors already abound should the Republicans win in November. For now, the governor needs to take care of some unfinished business here in Ohio like fixing school funding and restoring much-needed dollars for local transit systems. Welcome home, Gov. Kasich. Time to get back to the work you were elected to do.

I'm Dominic Mancuso and that's how we see it.

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