Fairview Park tree committee plans for the future

Fairview Park tree committee plans for the future

FAIRVIEW PARK, OH (WOIO) - The City of Fairview Park has relaunched a committee dedicated to tree planting and preservation.

Mary Alice Mastrovito and Mike Varga are both members of Fairview Park Shade Tree Advisory Committee that reviews and makes recommendations regarding the situation of trees in the city.

"Trees become kind of invisible in a sense because we're just so used to having them around we don't see each individual one but they're kind of like our invisible allies. We're not breathing clean air without them we're not experiencing drinking clear water without them," Mastrovito said.

The committee is working replace trees in the city that have been lost to damage and disease.

"We take down a lot of trees but we don't plant as many as we take down," Varga said.

"They help us with storm water management, they raise our property value, they help us with air quality and water quality and all these really important issues that are cities are facing. Fairview Park is doing this but communities all are around are doing the same thing," Mastrovito said.

The committee's goals are to build awareness and beautify Fairview Park for the future, so that the green allies who silently work to help the environment stay strong.

"It becomes even more important if we have a healthy tree on our property that we keep that tree to balance that loss," Mastrovito said.

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