Cleveland firefighters still in need of life-saving equipment

Cleveland firefighters still in need of life-saving equipment

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Cleveland Fire Department is still trying to bring "online" all of their broken air compressors that fill up life-saving air tanks for firefighters.

Reporter, Scott Taylor uncovered last week the dangerous issue, according to the fire union, isn't over.

Cleveland 19 News exposed that all the air compressors in the city were broke. A total of 4 were out of service for more than 10 days. Those same pieces of equipment are vital to keeping firefighters alive had issues for the past 14 months, according to the firefighter's union.

It got so bad the city was traveling to Parma and Valley View to fill up firefighters air tanks. Now two air compressors are back up and running.

One of those is a hand-me-down from the Cleveland Heights Fire Department.

A third air compressor is still under repairs and could be fixed by Friday.  A fourth one is on its way to the manufacturer for a complete over haul.

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