5 ways to check your overall health at home

5 ways to check your overall health at home
Jeff Tanchak and Catherine Bosley performing home health test. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Most of us wonder sometimes just how healthy we are.  There are some easy, fast ways to test your overall health at home. The reality is even when you feel okay, there could be underlying problems you don't know about, which brings up the idea of a home health test.

Dr. Mark Meachum, with the Cleveland Clinic even giving one 5 step challenge people are talking about certainly worthwhile, "I think it's a good idea to have some way you can check at home to get a general idea of your health."

Cleveland 19 Meteorologist, Jeff Tanchak agreed to go through the test.


It starts with holding a plank, basically belly down, hold up on elbows and toes, for two minutes.

"You're able to use your muscles and your abdomen and your low back to tell how strong your core is, also good for balance. "

Jeff breaks a sweat, but, nails it, surprising himself.

Coming out of it he remarks how much of a workout it is on your upper body. The doctor says if you can't do it then you should start training yourself with a shorter amount of time and build up because not being able to hold it indicates poor core strength.


This is harder for many people. The idea is to sit all the way on the ground from a standing position without using your hands or getting on your knees and then, stand back up with the same rules. Those who can do it often use the criss-cross leg method.

Jeff gets the sitting down part with no problem.  Standing up from there though, he tries and tries to find a position where he can lift himself up just with leg strength, after about 20 seconds that's it.

"Nope, can't do it," he blurts out.

Dr. Meachum suggests if  you can't, then it's a good idea to get to the gym and d rop some pounds until you can.


Dr. Meachum says it really should come in at 60 to 80 beats a minute.  Much faster than that he strongly suggests getting to your doctor.

"If it's too fast, heart is working harder than it should," he says.

Here's where Jeff redeems himself. He counts 76.  The best way is to find your pulse on wrist or neck and count beats for 15 seconds.  Multiply that number by 4.


"Now, I got to tell you I've had no complaints about my breath," says Jeff.

Good to know, but, we still have to put it to the test.  He has to scrape a spoon down his tongue and put the spoon in a plastic baggie.  After a few minutes, he takes a whiff.  The hope is he doesn't smell anything sweet.  This one is about detecting diabetes.

Dr. Meachum explains, a sweet smell is a sign your body is giving off glucose or sugar. Nothing sweet coming from Jeff, thankfully!


Finally, it might sound easy to sit down, draw a big circle and fill in clock face numbers.  While Jeff does it perfectly, even he admits he actually had to think about it more than he would've expected.

Dr. Meachum agrees, "it's more complicated than you would think and it demonstrates something you didn't realize was going on." That something, if you struggle too much, he says, would be possible dementia.

Now the doctor stresses while these 5 tests could certainly be indicators of whether or not there's a problem, there's nothing like those regular in person checkups to get the real low down.

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