On The Mark: Schwab's thoughts on ESPN's Believeland

On The Mark: Schwab's thoughts on ESPN's Believeland

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - For the rest of the country ESPN's Believeland was probably an entertaining hour and a half of television.

One that left them say things like, "oh yeah, I forgot about that," or maybe even "that's too bad, Cleveland does deserve to win something."

For Clevelanders it was an excruciating 90 minute look back at the worst moments of our lives as sports fans. The usual suspects were featured, the "The" family; Drive, Fumble, Shot, Move and Decision.

The Indians World Series losses were there, with extra time spent on making us remember how much we really are still ticked off about a World Series from 19 years ago where they lost to an expansion team wearing teal uniforms. That look back at the '97 World Series hurt even more than I thought it would. The Cavs Finals losses, though somewhat breezed over, were there as well.

I thought Believeland was pretty well done, but they also left a lot out. I realize they could have filled hours with Cleveland's tale of woe, but they needed to get a little more in to show how many heartbreaks this place has had. There are not enough 'The's' to go around.

The 2007 Indians collapse should've been mentioned. If that had happened in almost any other town it would likely be in their top 2-3 of sports heartbreaks. It's not even in Cleveland's top-5 and barely makes the top-10. Not because it wasn't agonizing, oh it was, I'll go to my grave believing they would have won it all, but because the other collapses are just that much worse. The '99 and '01 Indians also had stunning collapses in the post season and I can't even remember the last time they were discussed. They are that far down the list.

The Cavs? Thank goodness they didn't mention the Ron Harper trade. Not a choke job, but certainly seemed to come from nowhere and destroy a young team with Finals aspirations. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

"What? We have one of the best teams in basketball? Great. Let's trade Harper for this stiff from Duke!" I was thankful they only had a quick mention of that shocking post season ouster by Orlando. How merciful.

The Browns, other than one colossal choke job against Pittsburgh in the '03 playoffs (couldn't even lose that one in standard fashion!) haven't been involved in any heartbreaks. Probably because their entire existence has been one for the last 20 years. No sense in choking the life out of a corpse.

I got it that you don't just do a show on "here is one town's playoff losses." Every city has lost playoff games. Not every place has so many end as horribly as Cleveland's. They could have filled more than two hours on the Charlie Brown-kicking-a-football like existence of Cleveland sports, they just decided not to.

Maybe they did not feel like airing all of our dirty laundry to the country. Maybe they just decided some gag jobs were better than others. Maybe they were just being nice. I don't know, I just know they could've showed even more than they did. I guess we could complain, but maybe we should send them a note of thanks.

When this city ever wins a Super Bowl, a World Series or an NBA Finals the celebration will be unrivaled. I'm 41, I hope I live to see it, and I'm not even sure I'm being sarcastic when I say that.

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