Judge calls man 'vicious' and 'savage' for tossing dog out window

Judge calls man 'vicious' and 'savage' for tossing dog out window

PAINESVILLE, OH (WOIO) - A judge known for his creative sentences had to play by the book on his recent animal cruelty case. Judge Michael Cicconetti sentenced Michael Sutton to six months in jail.

Sutton pleaded guilty to a charge of cruelty to a companion animal.

Employees at Sutton's apartment complex called police after they found the animal in the building's trash compactor. The Lake County Humane Society has the dog's remains. It's exact cause of death has not been released.

Judge Cicconetti is known for dispensing creative or unusual sentences.

"I would like to put you in a dumpster," said Judge Cicconetti.

However, he said creative sentences are for offenders who can be rehabilitated.

"You are just vicious," said the judge. "You are brutal and savage."

In addition to jail time, Sutton will be placed on five years probation and ordered to take his medication.

Sutton's lawyers said his client is bipolar schizophrenic and was not on his medication when the act occurred.

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