Could protests also be an issue in Philadelphia for the DNC?

Could protests also be an issue in Philadelphia for the DNC?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - With all of the focus on potential violence at the RNC at the Q and questions over what is the city doing to prevent or react to it could the questions misplaced?

What about the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. It isn't likely to be a contested one, but it may not be all hugs and kisses.

At the Nevada caucus meeting held in Las Vegas over the weekend 12 of the state's delegates for the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia were to
be chosen.

Bernie Sanders supporters were upset with Hillary Clinton and her backers for what they say is a primary process fix. A vote on a rule change sparked protests. Nay's clearly resounded louder than Yea's but the speaker declared the measure passed.

It was to Hillary's advantage.

Sanders backers chanted "Shame, shame" and "These people have abandoned us."

The Sheriff's Department was called and asked people to leave. They left, but the next day the anger moved to the streets with loud chanting and a speaker saying, "None of our motions were heard. None of our points of order were acknowledged."

It could be a harbinger of things to come.

Cleveland has released some of what it is buying for the convention. Batons, body armor, bicycles, and fencing.

Philadelphia has said far less, officials are not releasing any lists and simply quoting what Cleveland has ordered saying "our plans are similar."

We've asked a lot of security questions and gotten some answers here in Cleveland, certainly more than what Philadelphia is giving.

With what happened in Las Vegas a new question arises. Forget Cleveland and the GOP.  Is Philadelphia ready for the Democrats?

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