Black bear spotted in Canton over the weekend

Black bear still on the loose in Stark County
Black bear spotted in North Canton. (Source: Cleveland 19 viewer)
Black bear spotted in North Canton. (Source: Cleveland 19 viewer)

CANTON, OH (WOIO) - Stark County's black bear is still on the move! Cleveland 19 first told you about the bear Friday. Since then, it's been creeping up all over town and making people nervous.

North Canton Police say the black bear has been spotted in Jackson and Stark counties since last Thursday.

Over the weekend there were sightings near Applegrove St. NW and Lupe Ave. NW in Canton. Then Sunday at the Dunkin' Donuts on Cleveland Ave. NW.

Ohio Department of Natural Resources officials are in the area and they believe it's an adult male between 250-300 lbs.

So far, he hasn't hurt anyone.

"Our biggest concern is that people just stay away from it and leave it alone. They're normally not aggressive at all so if you stay away from it, it won't bother you at all," said Lt. John Minock, North Canton Police Department.

Amber Turney works next door to the Dunkin' Donuts and says may have seen something.

"A co-worker and I saw glowing eyes into the woods and he had pointed it out to me and I said I wonder what that is and he just told me to get into my car and I said I don't now that is but get in your car," said Turney.

Wildlife officials left the area over the weekend to give the bear some space. They say, he's been a "very good bear" because he's keeping to himself.

Eventually, they hope that black bear finds what he's looking for and goes back to where he came from.

Call police if you see the bear.

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