Canal Fulton teacher accused of inappropriate conduct

Canal Fulton teacher accused of inappropriate conduct

CANAL FULTON, OH (WOIO) - Canal Fulton Police are investigating after allegations that a high school coach inappropriately touched students.

Right now police are investigating two cases and more students are coming forward.

Parents packed the school board meeting at Northwest High School Monday night in hopes of getting answers.

"He needs to be gone, he needs to be out of here immediately," a parent said to the school board.

They want to know more about the  investigation surrounding the teacher and coach.

"We are working on getting public request with them and that's the extent we have with the schools," said Chief Doug Swartz with Canal Fulton Police.

Police have not filed any charges, so Cleveland 19 News is not naming the teacher.

One parent says this teacher put his hands on her 15-year-old daughter's shoulders, give her a full massage and stroked her arms and back.

Now other parents are stepping forward.

"Because I'm a hothead, I wasn't told up front. And when I became aware of it, she begged me 'please don't say anything to this guy, it's going to make it hard on me at school,'" said  John Nesselrod.

Nesselrod wishes he had spoken up for his daughter sooner. She has since graduated.

"So against my better judgment, I was a bad parent and I didn't do what I should have did, I should've stepped up and I didn't do it," he said.

But some students and former students stood up for a teacher who's been at the high school for years.

"Never once did he inappropriately touch me, I didn't feel violated. Why are you waiting until now to come forward? If you were uncomfortable with it 15, five years ago, why did you not do it then?" said Ashley Strayer, a former student.

The school board says it's following protocol and policy and it can't comment on an ongoing investigation.

Superintendent Dr. Mike Schreffler gr anted as an interview, but simply repeated the board's statement.

Cleveland 19 News asked whether the teacher has been put on leave.

We did not get a answer for that question and several others.

"With just a few weeks of school left, what do parents need to know?  Are they safe around this man if he comes back to school?" Reporter Sara Goldenberg asked the superintendent as he walked out of the building.

"Have a good evening folks," Dr. Mike Shreffler replied.

The Toledo Blade reports this teacher was accused of sexually touching and harassing a 15-year-old student at Delphos St. John's High School in 1990.

A confidential settlement was reached with the diocese.

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