Councilman demands key members CLE Mayor's staff be fired

Councilman demands key members CLE Mayor's staff be fired

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Ward 2 Councilman Zack Reed the first to ask in a Cleveland City Council meeting for the jobs of Safety Director Michael McGrath and the Mayor's Executive Assistant for Special Projects Martin Flask.

Both were promoted to the positions by Mayor Frank Jackson after McGrath served as Police Chief and Flask the Public Safety Director during past violent times in Cleveland.

"Councilman Reed has his opinion I don't necessarily agree with it, and if you check my record as far as part one crimes and homicides you will see as my tenure as chief, each year they came down in fact in 2011 I was the chief and those 76 homicides were the lowest homicide rate in 100 years," said Michael McGrath.

Reed says the murder rate has increased under both men since the 76 homicides back in 2011.

"We've had almost 600 homicides, 12,000 felonious assaults and 4000 Felonious assaults with handguns so we can kind of fudge the numbers here and there and talk about where I was and whether I was in the first year or the second year, the bottom line is little babies are being shot in the city of Cleveland, little babies are being killed on the streets of the city of Cleveland and we don't have a plan," stated Councilman Zack Reed.

Reed says Mayor Frank Jackson has only two options left to deal with these two men.

"Well, he will either listen to us this year, or he will listen to us next year, because there's no way I could think he will run knowing that these that these two will become a campaign issue in 2017," added Councilman Reed.

Martin Flask was not at Monday's meeting. Cleveland 19 News reached out to Flask but so far no response.

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