Woman says sink holes next to her home injures kids

Orlo Gets Answers: City responds after woman reports dangerous lot

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Mary Keith's home sits on Townsend Avenue, a neighborhood where newer homes are straddled by empty lots, where abandoned or condemned homes have been torn down and that is the problem.

On either side of her home the dirt fill has settled, creating sinkholes at dangerous depths.

"See the bricks, a little boy fell and cut his head right there. They're sinking," said Keith.

Had anyone called Cleveland's city hall.

"Yeah, I called the city I always call the city, but the city won't do nothing," said Keith.

Keith maintained the lot for kids in the neighborhood.  Every year, she hosts a back-to-school party, showering neighborhood kids with school supplies,
food and more.

"We can't send 'em up there to the recreation center.  We scared for them to go up there because we know somethin' gonna happen up there," she said.

Her party is a tradition she took over from her mother, and it's been going on for 30 years. She fears other kids could get hurt. The little boy's cut isn't the only injury.

"I broke my ankle. I had surgery over here. My big toe was at the heel," said Keith.

The sink hole is about 3 feet deep at its center.  Keith said she has ruined three lawn mowers keeping the weeds down on the uneven terrain.

The lot is owned by the city and mowing is the city's responsibility.  The lack of response from the city is her biggest frustration, she said.

"They don't fill in no holes, you know. You don't fill holes in. You don't even fill pot holes in, so I understand."

Cleveland 19 News reached out to the mayor's office. The city inspectors checked out the lot and called Paul Orlousky Tuesday afternoon.

"They take the situation seriously, and will fill in the sinkholes," the city said.

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