Doc says talcum powder should never be used near genitals

Doc says talcum powder should never be used near genitals

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - University Hospitals' Cancer Researcher and Oncologist, Dr. Richard Lee says that there is conflicting research right now on whether or not using talcum powder can put women at risk of developing ovarian cancer.

So far, Lee says research reveals talcum powder still presents a lower risk of developing cancer than smoking or drinking alcohol, but that talc users should err on the side of caution and search for alternatives that are corn starch based.

Lee says talcum powder should never be used anywhere near a person's genitals.Two landmark judgments against Johnson & Johnson have left many wondering about the safety of their talcum powder products.  In both cases, the plaintiffs claimed that their ovarian cancer was caused by years of use of talcum powder for feminine hygiene.

Johnson&Johnson released a video statement from their Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Joanne Waldstreicher, saying, "The safety of talc is based on more than 30 years of data generated by authoritative researchers. This research has been reviewed by global regulatory bodies, and none has required a change in labeling to reflect any safety risk from talc powder products."

Attorney R. Allen Smith was one of the attorneys for the plaintiffs in both of the recent multi-million dollar judgments from juries in St. Louis. He says the suppliers of the talc themselves put warning labels on the talc they provide to Johnson & Johnson, but that Johnson & Johnson refuses to pass that warning along. He goes on to say that the company's internal memos reveal their knowledge of the health risks associated with talc.

"The jury sees that the science has been absolutely clear for the past 35 years, in addition, what I think incenses the jury, is the internal documents where they acknowledge this hazard for over 20-30 years and acknowledge that the consenting public is not aware of the hazard and almost celebrated that," said Smith.

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