PHOTO: Chained horse in downtown CLE causes uproar

PHOTO: Chained horse in downtown CLE causes uproar

A beautiful horse, one used for carriage rides in downtown Cleveland is causing some concern.

That's because it's chained to the side of a building in the 1900 block of St. Clair and no on is sure why.

In addition to being chained, there's no bedding and no obvious water in sight.

"Oh no, it's terrible, it's animal abuse," said one Carol Skok.

Carol Skok had a similar reaction as lots of others. After she saw the picture, she took a drive by to see for herself and she saw most what we saw.

There was no horse, but the chain was still in place.

Pete Lenegan, the owner, told Cleveland 19 that the horse is never there more than 10 or 15 minutes.

"We'll bring 'em out of the stall and we'll hook one outside and we hook the other over here and you know clean the stall and get the water, put the bedding down and all that, give him his hay and then we'll bring em back in," said Pete Lenegan.

Lenegan has kept the horses there in the summer for four years.

The place is inspected yearly by CPD's mounted unit, and the animals get regular veterinarian check ups.

But Carol doesn't think that's good enough and says a lot should change, she and others are sponsoring a petition drive.

"I'm with some animal rights organizations that are against carriage horse rides in the city and this terrible situation," added Carol.

The picture may be misleading, but is is providing ammunition for those who favor a ban.

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