Nail dangers for kids: What to avoid on your next visit

Nail dangers for kids: What to avoid on your next visit

NORTH CANTON, OH (WOIO) - It's all the rage. Shellac nail polish, sometimes called gel polish is gaining popularity because it makes for a longer-lasting manicure. There's no chipping, extra coats and it can last at times up to a month.

It's perfect for those who are on the go and do not have time to reapply polish throughout the week.

Cleveland 19 News discovered at least one local salon claiming it's also good for kids.

Although it's not illegal to paint shellac on kid's nails, experts say parents should be informed about the potential risks.

Dr. Elma Baron is a professor in dermatology at University Hospitals and Case Western.  She says getting that perfect nail polish look could be potentially harmful, damaging your nails, even risking infection. That along with the UV light used to cure the polish can lead to age spots and possibly skin cancer.

Cleveland 19 News undercover camera went into a local salon where a salon nail tech was applying a shellac manicure on a 7-year-old. The same tech also tried to talk the customer into a shellac manicure for another child, who was only 4.

Tonight at 11, Cleveland 19 News Anchor Tiffani Tucker takes you into the salon, shedding light on a potentially dangerous nail trend for kids.

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CBS News released the following tips for consumers looking for a good manicure:

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