More than 115,000 Democrats voted Republican in Ohio primary

More than 115,000 Democrats voted Republican in Ohio primary

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted released additional data Wednesday showing the number of Ohioans who changed their party affiliation during the 2016 Presidential Primary Election.

In Ohio, voters do not register with a political party, but are instead affiliated with a political party by casting a ballot in a partisan primary election. Voters also have the option of remaining unaffiliated by casting an 'issues only' ballot.

The new data shows more than three times as many Democrats cast Republican ballots in the March 15 primary election compared with the number of GOP voters who marked Democratic ballots.

The Republican Party had the biggest gains in terms of newly-affiliated voters, netting 1,030,752 overall, including 60,716 first-time voters. The Democratic Party netted 747,275 newly-affiliated voters during this election cycle, including 58,139 first-time voters.

Data released outlines the number of voters statewide who changed their affiliation from one party to another, went from being unaffiliated to affiliated with a political party, or were previously affiliated with a party and are now unaffiliated. The data reflects a snapshot in time for the 2016 Primary Election and may not indicate future political leanings of Ohio voters.

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