Mark Schwab's five things to watch in Game 2 versus Toronto

Mark Schwab's five things to watch in Game 2 versus Toronto

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Toronto Raptors in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals. LeBron James and the Cavs dismantled the Raptors in Game 1 at Quicken Loans Arena Tuesday night, 115-84. The Raptors, the No. 2 seed, looks to rebound against the top-seeded Cavs. Sports reporter, Mark Schwab looks at 5 things to watch out for in Thursday night's game.

1. Fouls and physicality. Will the Raptors get called for more fouls and flagr ant fouls? LeBron James felt there were calls the refs missed on Tuesday night. He said he has no idea what constitutes a flagr ant foul anymore because it seems like so many are missed. He took an elbow to the head that went unwhistled. Tristan Thompson appeared to be the victim of a flagr ant foul by Bismack Biyombo. It was called as a common foul.

2. Kyle Lowry. This guy is one of the best point guards in the game and he was barely noticed in the first game. 4-14 from the floor, 0-7 from three-point range and four turnovers. Not a Lowry-like night at all. I would not expect a repeat performance.

3. Raptors inside presence. It is limited offensively without Jonas Valanciunas, and not having their big man is testing their depth as well. They are asking more out of Biyombo than they'd like to. I'm not sure how much room they have for improvement here without Valanciunas, but it's worth keeping an eye on.

4. J.R. Smith. The Cavaliers certainly did not need him to heat up, but anytime he doesn't I feel like it's worth mentioning. Sure, the Raptors will likely get more out of Lowry, but the Cavs will probably get more out of Smith. He didn't even hit a three! 1-5 from the floor, nothing from outside the arc and only five points. I'm not complaining about it, just making the observation that they beat a team by 31 and Smith went unnoticed.

5. LeBron with the 2's. LeBron was on the floor with the second unit for a time with the second quarter. I want to see how long Lue runs with that kind of rotation. Might have been a one-night thing. We'll see!

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