Tony Zarrella, Mark Schwab break down Game 2 win over Raptors

Cavaliers players shake hands with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - This is normally where we are supposed to talk seriously about serious things involving serious basketball games, but after tonight all I can say is, seriously? Does Toronto know the East Finals have started?

You can cut them a little slack since they are missing their starting center, but good grief, this is pathetic. This is the second best team in the East? They've been competitive for about two quarters in two games. Game 2 was supposed to be the close one. They got dumped by 19. Give them credit, at least it wasn't 30.

Kyle Lowry is more likely to be found on a milk carton somewhere in Ontario than in this series. He is 8-28 for the series, 1-15 from downtown. Sure the Cavaliers play defense, but the guy is an All Star, he's supposed to make plays in these kinds of games, right? He walked off the court for crying out loud!

How many of you were bored by the time the fourth quarter started? This thing was over. The only drama was whether or not LeBron would get a triple-double. He did. He's been amazing. He's been getting buckets down low and throwing highlight reel passes, the one to Tristan in the first quarter to give the Cavs an 8-point lead was awesome. Vintage LeBron, looking one way, throwing a laser the other way to a guy for an easy bucket.

The only drama left in this series is whether or not the Raptors will win a game. I'll be bold -- they won't. Sure, the series is shifting to "Jurassic Park." If Toronto is going to win a game, you'd think Saturday night would be it. Well, you might think it, but I don't. The Cavs will win this in four, only because they can't win it in three.

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